Our Aims

The Coalition for Women’s Equality is an umbrella lobbying group comprising of individuals, academics, professionals and representatives from the women’s services sector.

The Coalition for Women’s Equality support the human and civil rights of all persons, regardless of colour, religion, ability, age, sexual orientation, gender presentation or sex.

In the interests of fairness and equality, the rights and protections for one marginalised group should not come at the expense of any other marginalised or disadvantaged group.

That is not equality, but only the appearance of equality, and counterproductive towards true equality for all persons.

In spite of what some claim, true equality for women has yet to be achieved. Even 83 years after (full) women’s suffrage, women make up only 22% of MPs in the UK. Females continue to remain under-represented in Government, and senior positions within the Private Sector. Females remain the largest disadvantaged group in our society. One example, late transitioning MTFs (Transwomen) who have lived most of their lives as men, do not suffer that same disadvantage, and many do retain their career positions after transition – they have usually also had better pension plans put in place during their working life as men.

There are special considerations for vulnerable born-females, who may have suffered rape or male violence. Please see the Female-only Services page for more.

Our aim is to ensure fairness for born-females, and to determine that born-females are not further disadvantaged by legislation or directives that prioritise other groups over born-females.

Please see our campaigns, our resource material, and the statistics pages.