FAAB – Female Assigned At Birth, aka born-female
Also includes intersex babies who are assigned as female at birth, raised as girls, although some experience major changes at puberty.

MAAB – Male Assigned At Birth, aka born-male
“Transwomen” are MAAB, and many have grown up with all the privileges of being born male. Some Transwomen live most of their lives as males, to become “late transitioners” in middle age. See the statistics page.

Transmen – are born-females who assume the gender role of man/male.

Transwomen – are born-males who assume the gender role of woman/female.

FTM – Female to Male, ie a “Transman” (born-female)

MTF – Male to Female, ie a “Transwoman” (born-male)

Transsexual – (“TS”) One who will usually seek SRS/GRS, and lives as the opposite sex on a full time basis. This is the original term, and many transsexuals adhere to this term to distinguish themselves from Transgendered persons.

Transgender – (“TG”) One who occasionally seeks SRS/GRS, frequently only partial GRS. Can include individuals who live full-time and also part-time as the opposite gender role.

“Transgender” is sometimes used as an umbrella term to cover Transsexuals, Transgenders, Genderqueers and Cross-dressers.

Genderqueer – Sometimes referred to as “queer”. Generally Genderqueers present an appearance of a mixture of female/male secondary traits (eg hairstyles) or clothing, or appear Androgynous. Genderqueers do not normally seek GRS.

Biological Sex – The majority of humans are born XX (female) with female genitalia, or XY (male) with male genitalia. The estimated less than one percent that do not meet this criteria are classed as Intersex.

Intersex – A variety of congenital conditions, some born with ambiguous genitalia (neither appearing clearly female or male, or with a ‘micropenis‘). In the past, many with ambiguous genitalia were surgically operated upon as infants to appear as female, although were sterile as females. Some conditions only first appear or become more evident around puberty when the major hormonal changes take place. Intersex persons generally consider themselves separate from Transsexuals and Transgenders. Any surgery for an intersex condition is correcting a congential physical ambiguity, rather than a Transgender case which is surgically and permanently altering healthy body parts. See the Intersex page for more.

GRS – Gender Reassignment Surgery.
This is the widely-used new term, superceding SRS.

SRS – Sex Reassignment Surgery

Either term can mean full or partial surgery. For partial surgery (the most common) involves a full mastectomy for females becoming Transmen, breast augmentation for males becoming Transwomen. Full surgery includes the above, and additionally refashioning the genitals to appear as those of the opposite sex. Neither full nor partial surgery is required for a Gender Recognition Certificate.

GRC – Gender Recognition Certificate
GRP – Gender Recognition Panel
GID – Gender Identity Disorder