Intersex people are often conflated as Transgendered persons, even though Intersex conditions are physical congenital conditions. There are a number of causes and many different types of Intersex conditions, and it is beyond the scope of this website to cover the various Intersex conditions in any great detail. It is however, important to note that Intersex conditions are not Transgender issues, but of a correction of a physical birth anomaly.

Up to recent history, babies born with ambiguous genitalia were operated upon as infants. There is now a growing movement to allow these children to grow up as they are, and decide for themselves when they are older whether or not they will have any surgeries or treatments.

Other cases of being intersex are not discovered until puberty, when the expected sex changes do not occur. In the majority of these cases the children are raised as girls.

Many of the trans-regretters are in fact, Intersex persons. Sometimes this is not discovered before any Transgender treatment commences.

Some of the supposed “Transgender children” cases are in fact, Intersex children. The case of “Sally” is one such case frequently being promoted as one of Transgender, when in fact “Sally” is an Intersex child.

Our view is that Intersex should be free to choose for themselves, either at puberty or early adulthood, as to whether they wish to have to treatment or other medical intervention for their conditions, or to choose minimal medical management.

A significant number of intersexed persons were raised in their sex-reassigned gender and then, on their own, either switched to their opposite or instead elected to see themselves, not as male or female, but as intersexed. Many of the intersexed infants that had surgery, even if staying within their assigned gender, have come to criticize such treatment. […] Groups of intersexed individuals, such as those of the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA), A Kindred Spirit, and Bodies Like Ours have formed and voiced objection to such treatments.

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